Scoundrels of Elturgard

Session 14

Quest to heal Bane (cont.)

After a long rest on the ship overnight, the party has several attempts at opening the chest Bane found under the river – picking the lock and forcing it open both fail.

When they reach Elturel, Ivelios, Ku, John and Neal disembark and meet Helmholtz in town. Bane isn't feeling well and stays on the ship. They look around for places where someone might keep a magical staff and consider robbing the bank, but Helmholtz objects.

Instead they ask around in a local tavern and are directed to the temple of Eldath. The priests there agree to let the party have the staff as long as Eldath will allow them to retrieve it from the vault below the temple.

Exploring the vault, Helmholtz falls into a spike trap and hurts himself. Then the party finds an empty room with a rug in the middle, which Helmholtz pulls on, causing it to immediately attack.

Helmholtz jumps on the rug and flails wildly at it with his hammer as it smothers him. Ivelios shoots the rug with a flaming arrow and John throws a torch at it, then hits it with his axe. Neal also shoots it, and Ku plays some music at Helmholtz before flying over him and dropping daggers on the rug. Meanwhile Ivelios's pseudodragon familiar is exploring the vault some more and finds some suits of armour.

After defeating the rug, Neal tries to put on one of the suits of armour and they also attack and he's quickly knocked out. Helmholtz throws javelins at the suits, and Ivelios shoots them and runs away. Ku makes several attempts at summoning rain clouds to try and rust the armour, eventually succeeding. The whole time, John spectacularly manages to completely block the path of the suits and hits them with his axe until they die. The pseudodragon scouts around again, and triggers a trap but manages to dodge it. It finds a basilisk and a Helmed Horror that looks as if it's guarding something.

After dispatching the armour, the party takes a short rest to regroup before taking on the remaining foes in the vault.


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