Scoundrels of Elturgard

Session 15

Quest to heal Bane (cont.)

As the party rests, Bane catches up with them. Then he, Ivelios, Ku, John, Neal and Helmholtz head off to confront the Helmed Horror, which turns out to be guarding the Staff. Helmholtz stops in the room with the rug on the way to defacate on it.

When they find the Horror, John predictably hits it with his axe, repeatedly. Helmholtz shows similar imagination by hitting it with his hammer. Ivlios's pseudodragon flaps around it's head to distract it, while Ivelios casts Mage Hand and steals the Staff, but the Horror notices and takes it back. Bane attacks, and his wild magic surge causes an extra massive lightning bolt that deals the Horror a lot of damage. Ku turns herself invisible and thunderwaves the Horror. Neal blunts some arrows against a wall and manages to shoot the Staff out of the Horror's hand – a still-invisible Ku picks it up and runs off with it. Then someone shoots the Horror and it dies.


SolarDrew SolarDrew

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