Scoundrels of Elturgard

Session 16

Quest to heal Bane (cont.)

The party has another short rest and then seeks out the basilisk, which they easily defeat.

On the way out of the vault their path is blocked by a knight, who draws two swords and throws them into the air, where they come to life.

Ivelios charms the knight so it can't hurt him, then fights one of the swords and throws a fireball in a random direction. John performs his usual ritual of swinging his axe at the nearest enemy. Bane blinds the knight, gains 8 inches in height, then blasts the swords with thunderwave, allowing John  to swing at one as it passes, destroying it. Then he heals John. Helmholtz also does John's axe-ritual but with his hammer, adding some divine damage, and manages to kill the knight, then turns his attention on the remaining sword and destroys that too.


SolarDrew SolarDrew

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