Scoundrels of Elturgard

Session 3

Democracy (cont.)

Adter Kraynan wanders off, the rest of the party has a short rest. Then, suddenly, a Giant Goat comes running towards them from across the square. It's quickly dispatched by a magic missile and two mundane ones. Edwina skins the beast and uses its pelt to somewhat placate its slightly dismayed owner, who arrived shortly afterwards.

As they leave the square, the group catch a man trying to pickpocket one of them. When asked if he's a member of the guild, he flees. the party chases him and knocks him out. They find on him a Thieves Guild insignia, but it looks faded and worn.

The party takes the man to the Guild, bursting through the door on arrival. Ivellios convinces the Chief Thief that the man was stealing from a noble without a license and he gives everyone in the group a voucher for 10% off their next theft. Edwina starts a discussion about the philosophy of possession and not-so-subtly antagonises the Chief Thief. The party leaves to head to a nearby brothel.


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