Scoundrels of Elturgard

Session 4


A man from the Thieves Guild approaches the party while they're drinking in the  The Barking Lamb one evening and asks them to investigate some unlicensed thieves. He directs them towards a small complex in an old, abandoned part of the sewers.

Ivellios knocks on a door in the complex, which opens revealing a room with a Kenku and a Thug. Ivellios is knocked out and the others defeat the sewer-dwellers.

Down a corridor, they find a secret foor, which leads to a room with a sleeping half-ogre. Ivellios sneaks past it into a room with a large pool of water. Bane also tries to sneak past it, but sneezes and wakes the half-ogre.

A fight ensues, during which the half-ogre's bed is set on fire. Towards the end of the fight a Giant Octopus rises from the pool and attacks. Ivellios runs off and then returns, surprising the Octopus. It and the half-ogre are both defeated and the party has a short rest.

As the party investigates the rest of the complex, Bane throws something in the stream and two crocodiles come out and attack. The party defeats them and leaves the sewer.


SolarDrew SolarDrew

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