Scoundrels of Elturgard

Session 5

Trade mission

A merchant approaches the party in the pub and asks them to help protect a wagon of goods going to Triel, a small town about two days' journey away. they agree on payment of 12GP each.
 The group meet the man at the city gates the next morning and are introduced to the other guard, an elf wizard called Alf. Ivellios quickly strikes up a rapport with Alf.

After a short while travelling, three black bears run across the road, heading away from the forest to the east. Bane tries to surf one of the bears, which fights the party briefly before fleeing.

A while later, 8 bandits, 2 bugbears and a bandit captain attack the party from the east. Alf is knocked out and the bugbears begin to carry him away, while the bandits head back towards the forest. Bane casts Alter Self and convinces two of the bandits to attack the captain. Edwina tries to attack the captain too and is quickly knocked out. Two bandits and a bugbear are killed and the captain takes over moving Alf. Bane then kills the captain with a Firebolt and sprouts a beard of feathers.


SolarDrew SolarDrew

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